Thursday, May 13, 2010

The King-Kong battle of File Hosting

Couple of years back and if you were searching for a stable and reliable file hosting service, the most recommended name you would get is "Rapidshare". But that was some time back, with evolving technology and ever decreasing price of hardware many hundreds of online file hosting companies have sprung up. It is now difficult to narrow down the competitors, all have advantage of their own. Ranging from prices, traffic limit, bandwidth offered, services offered and to their self gained reputation. Top five file hosting companies I use are ;- Rapidshare, Hotfile, Netload, Mediafire & Megaupload.

In the end it is wise to choose the right hosting company on the services provided to both premium and free users. And also keep in my mind about the link popularity of the hosting company as well, for example;- there are more Rapidshare & Hotfile links than that of or so naturally a buyer would be more interested to buy a Rapidshare or Hotfile account than that of the other two. That is mostly how I choose my premium accounts. All networks offer high traffic and bandwidth to their "Premium" users. "Free" users as you would know by now have to wait for certain time before the download link appears, can't download more than one file at once and offers extremely low bandwidth for the download.

The million dollar question;- Rapidshare vs Hotfile: what is better..?! (Premium users perspective)

As I said before each hosting service has their own strengths. Rapidshare and Hotfile are both highly reputed file hosting companies, both offer high bandwidth to their premium users. But traffic limit per day in Rapidshare land is 25GB (quite a lot you would think) where as in Hotfile it is completely "Unlimited".. there's no limit to your downloading usage other than your connection speed (Awesome right.!!). Price wise Rapidshare is slightly expensive the longer your commitment are than that of Hotfile, but fully worth it. There are more links on the internet for files on Rapidshare so the extra you pay is all worth it, I certainly use my Rapidshare premium account more than the Hotfile account.

Final answer:- Rapidshare is better than Hotfile. And no doubt Hotfile is second best. That is why is I have premium accounts from both these file hosting companies..:)