Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Predictions Come True

Well as I predicted on my previous blog post about Google's 2010 April Fools pranks and of course joining hands with CNN to trick the world has proved true. Hmm If you'll read my previous blog post then of course even you will find it too obvious to be true especially on April 1st. But this has to be the 1st time I've seen a two major companies joining hands just to prank their users on April 1st. How cheap can these companies get by joining hands in ensuring that their users get pranked to the maximum.. bit too cheap if you ask me. But it is now becoming almost tradition for many companies to prank their customers, staff and users on April fools day.. In then end its all just a laugh..:P

Read CNN's post about their and Google's grand plan that pranked the web users on April Fools day here and of course after or before reading that article you can read mine which I break down the "Grand" scheme of things... lol

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