Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google's 2010 April Fool Joke..;)

Hey guys its 1st of April to the world over and as usual people from all over my neighborhood and friends call me up, come over to my place, sends text messages and even email me some kind of trash to trick me on "April Fools day"..:P Ahhhhhhh little did they know that I will be the last man to fall for these jokes.. (I guard myself up the day before for all these "lame" pranks..[-_-]) ahhh in vain their effort. And not only friends and family trick you'll on April fools day, now its a tradition for major companies to trick the public on the 1st too.. (which is nothing new of course..)

So today after hearing all tricks and falling for none, I came online to see what awaits there.. and of course Google is my homepage, so i logged on to mail, chat and etc.. and as I was browsing along something different caught my eye, it was the "Google" logo on their search page, it was changed to "Topeka". So naturally I went to Google's blog and checked it out, there was a even a CNN news page supporting there claim. And just as I was thinking to myself "what are the odds Google change their name cause a city is changing there name to "Google"
..????" and Yeah then it dawned to me today was April fools day..:P I know pretty convincing story huh.. even with CNN hooked up..

But some what of a give away was that the name "Google" is giant.. and it must be the most known brand name in the "WORLD" and you can't just change names of such mega companies in one day like you change your pet name or something... It will take lots of time and Google will stand to loose "BILLIONS" in revenue just for a name change.. (economy 1-o-1.. its a long story..) Well, what I think (and pretty sure) is that the Google's name change is just a April fools joke..;) lol.. I don't know about the cities name change (which will be nuts to call a city "Google"), but who knows it could be part of the prank.. and at this very moment emails and comments are flying around about Google's name change, little do they know that this very well may be a "April Fool's Joke".. and their getting pranked big time..:P

Have a laugh about it yourself, read the Google's name change blog post here Cheers guys, and keep a eye out for pranks like this yourself..;)

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