Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Opera the fastest web browser on earth..??

While claiming to be the "fastest web browser on earth" with Java script engine that loads 7x faster, with new "Opera Turbo" to help increase speed of slow connections and array of other features that came out with the new Opera browser. So is Opera the fastest web browser on earth..?? The answer is both Yes and a No.

I'm delighted that after years opera developers have built the web browser that will match many internet users demands. Earlier versions of the Opera were sluggish in performance coupled with poor user friendliness. I think it would be fair to say that Opera's new Java script engine does load faster in many cases than the others. Flash scripts although takes longer to load initially, after loading the feed back and response time is stunning, you will notice marked improvements on flash games and such (like barnbuddy or farmville which uses flash). Although I don't see much of difference in loading YouTube or flash based videos on Opera compared to Google Chrome, it is how ever a marked improvement from the previous versions. So it could be said that Opera is fast when it comes to loading web pages based on java script and flash.

"Opera Turbo" works well as featured, but I really wouldn't use it every time, because what Opera Turbo does to increase load time is it uses server-side optimization and compression technology that speeds up data transfer and reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded in order to view the page by up to 80%. Among other means, the compression is achieved by image down-sampling therefore some level of distortion in graphics may occur. So as they say to improve speed, page and image quality is lost as result. May be it is good for users with internet packages that has limited bandwidth usage per day/month.

But what stops it from being the "fastest browser in the world" as claimed. Their HTML loading is still pretty much the same. I really don't see much progress in the HTML loading features. It is good, but Firefox and Chrome out do Opera's performance in HTML script loading. Another problem I see is with their cache system, for example I used Opera several times to browse facebook and all the time the welcome page alone takes a longer time to load, so their cache system needs to buck up and deliver on smooth browsing.

I believe the new Opera is good in the present day market, and very good compared to other Opera versions that was available. But I would stop short of calling it the "fastest browser on earth", may be the used technology is first in the world but there is still more room for improvement. It is a amazing new browser with tons of new features and offers a lot to users.

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Keliori said...

interesting review. thank you

Opera 10.63 and K-meleon 15.4 are my most favorite web browser at this moment.