Sunday, March 28, 2010

Does YouTube Uploader Work..????

A program that was making some big hype around the internet for some time is about a freeware program called "YouTube Uploader" and it has got the attention of many, especially over its featured use of uploading videos to YouTube "effortlessly" and ofcourse with its price tag being "free", naturally it got everyone's attention. But the question really is.. does it work..?? does it deliver on its promises..?!

The answer quite simply is a big fat "NO". No it simply does not work, and it certainly don't deliver on its promises. This was a complete night mare. I don't know why but in my PC it took more than one time to install all the files properly for the pro
gram to start working. I had high expectations from this software but it disappointed me with its results, after some time I got the program running, logged into YouTube account and got going........ minutes later more problems flooded in. The videos were uploading at really slow speed, and naturally you get frustrated about it. Then the big problem was, the video files never got uploaded over 26%, i tried and tried, and it failed and failed. Then I thought of uploading a another video but the same problem, this time it didn't even go above 12%.. and after 30mins of trying and trying and seeing no result, I gave up the idea and simply came to one conclusion.. It simply does not work.

It seems I'm not the only one finding this software useless.. reading some comments on YouTube and few other sites pointed out that many were having similar problems working with this software. So simply put it, the "YouTube Uploader" does not work.

So have you used
"YouTube Uploader"..?? If Yes or even No, tell me how you feel about this program in the comments below.

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