Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dress Up Your Firefox: Make It Look Bling Bling

By now you might probably know how much I love Firefox, and so naturally I try and improve it in every way I can. The color and look of the browser matter very much to me, so like to change the theme of the Firefox browser to brighten things up. I don't like the theme to be too dark or too light, some where in the middle is how I like it, with the buttons and other navigation bars untouched. But naturally sometimes changing themes mean changing the look and feel of buttons too, which i absolutely hated, because the Firefox default button look and feel is just right for me. And after years using Firefox themes and for much of the time not liking its layout, other than the color.

Then as luck would have it I accidentally bumped on to relatively new add-on called "Persona" at that time. And boy o boy did I simply LOVE that add-on. Its was so cool and amazing. All you have to do to make your Firefox stand out from the rest, is to simply install the add-on from their website or from the Firefox add-on page and then select a "persona" that matches you. And that's it. And it keeps all the buttons, navigation bars and all the rest the way it was, but adding that..... whatever the design you choose over it, and it just blows you away. I think I have been using it for over an year now it was with me ever since Firefox 3.0 was released, but everyday I love this add-on, you can choose from literally millions of persona's and there's no end to it. And it doesn't end there, you can add your OWN pictures as persona's from their website.

And when your selecting persona's its really very simple, all there is to do is go to their website then on a design you like simply hover your mouse over it and the Firefox will immediately turn to show how the browser would look if you choose that particular design. Overall this add-on simply is amazing, and you really really need to try it out. Get it on Firefox add-on page or on the persona website. Try it out for yourself, comment on how it goes out for you.

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