Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Revo the Uninstall King

If your like me who is never happy with the default windows uninstaller, then this article is definitely for you. The uninstall job done by the crappy default uninstaller in windows is pretty much useless, there are many leftover files of the un-installation still left in the registry, program files folder and in some cases in the start up menu folder too.

After some painful searching for the right uninstalling software I stumbled across a amazing software named Revo Uninstaller. The freeware version of this software does a very satisfactory job in cleaning up installed files. It gives the user the option of scanning for leftover files on the registry and on start up folders. Not only does this great piece of software remove unwanted softwares but it also has a "Auto-run manager" giving the user option of checking what softwares that should start up when booting. Saving some time during booting. And for it's "Free" price it does a good job and sometimes exceeds those of paid ones. So you guys really need to give this freeware a shot, you'll be blown away by its magic.


Download Revo Uninstaller Here

**Pro version needs to be purchased from Revo. Check there website for more details Here.

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