Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Manage Firefox Tabs With FoxTab

we all know firefox is great browser and it has really revolutionized modern day browsing introducing tonnes of new features, supported by multiple O/S platforms, thousands of addons, extra features and bla bla bla..... but if your a heavy Firefox user and work with multiple tabs when browsing then something that will always annoy you is its tab manager user interface.. although the new firefox comes with many modifications to find tabs easily it ain't that useful if you have quite a number of tabs opened, because it will only shows you the heading making the search a bit difficult. And if you cant remember where you opened it, the only way possible for you to find is check all tabs one-by-one until you find what your looking for. A real time killer for me..

But luckly there is simple solution to this, all you have to do is install a very simple but effective addon.

Its called FoxTab.

It converts that boring zero graphic tab manager to a amazing graphical user interface super tab manager. This baby includes a thumbnail of every tab that's opened, enabling you to find the needed webpage in a jiffy even in overcrowded tab situations. All you have to do is first click on the "List all tabs" button found at the far right corner of the browser where the tabs are usually opened and just skip through the images using the "Tab" key in your keyboard and then just select the tab you were looking for, and that's it. There are many more features that come on it, you can read about it on their website at http://www.foxtab.com/features/ This is one piece of add-on that will stay with me for a long time. Give it try and see how it works out for you.. You can get FoxTab here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8879

FoxTab expalined by me..;)

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