Monday, March 22, 2010

Internet Download Manager for Free

Download manager is a computer program dedicated to the task of downloading (and sometimes uploading) files over the internet from various sources. It can easily handle downloading of files from multiple sites. So if your a heavy down-loader, then this is must have software for you. Download managers now come in various forms, some come as installers, some in forms of a portable software and now gathering popularity is as a browser add-on. Nowadays all popular browsers have a simple built in download managers as well.

I actually prefer a installer form of download manager to the others, mainly due its stability and more control of the downloads. Many installer download managers are not free, but fortunately with development on the areas of freeware and open source development we are offered a very neat piece of software called Free Download Manager.

It is a great piece of software, you can do everything a paid download manager can do. You can stop, pause, resume broken downloads and many more (see all features here) it does absolutely anything you expect from a download manager and its COMPLETELY FREE. This is terrific piece of software that I have come across. And it supports many browsers. Try it out for yourself.

Screen Shot

Download Free Download Manager Here

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