Saturday, March 20, 2010

Open Links In a New Tab with One Click of a Button

I love working with tabs. Its so simple, you don't have to minimize any windows to get to the other, you can work on multiple sites with just one browser opened, simply by working with tabs. But the thing is, if you are a heavy tab user like me, then sometimes it gets a bit annoying when out links from sites open in the same tab...:@ It sometimes kills you to go back, then right-click on the link and click--> Open in new tab. Especially if your trying to open multiple links.

But there is a small way around that and it only requires a small piece of inexpensive hardware (you obviously have it with you now itself).. and that is a scroll wheel mouse.. and that's all..!!! What you need to do is simply hover your mouse over the link and click on the scroll wheel, and then your link will automatically open in a new tab. And this method pretty much works on a any browser.

For those who don't have a scroll wheel mouse, i'm sorry but you'll have to do it the old way.. right click on the link---> Open in new tab. Or just throw your old mouse and get a optical scroll mouse, which is inexpensive, easy to use and useful.

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